Background History

University of Yangon was established in 1920 and there was a Department for the study of oriental languages. That Department taught Pali, Myanmar and Persian languages and literatures. The professor of the Department at the beginning was Dr E. Forchammer, a German national. In 1924, Sayagyi U Pe Maung Tin became professor of the Department. Because of his efforts, in 1937, under the Department, they came into existence of two Departments namely Myanmar Department and Pali Department. The Head of Myanmar Department was Sayagyi U E Maung and other of Pali Department is Mr. Kassen.

On 1st of January, 1941 Yangon University's Myanmar Department became a separate major department. The first Head of Myanmar Department was lecturer Sayagyi U E Maung. Sayagyi was awarded with the position of Professor in October that year.