Department of Oriental Studies

The History of the Department of Oriental Studies

In 1912, U Pe Maung Tin was a professor in Pāíi Department at Rangoon Collage. In 1920, he also was a Pāíi professor in Yangon University. The term “the Department of Oriental Studies” has been used since 1972.

The Professors and Deans in the Department of Oriental Studies in the University of Yangon are these persons.

U Pe Maung Tin Professor (1920- 1936)
Mr. Kāsin Professor (1936- 1941)
U Hla Aung Professor (1941-1951)
U Aung Than Professor (1951-1965)
U Ba Lay Dean 1965
U Tin Lwin Dean (1965-1969)
Professor (1986-1989)
Daw Khin Thein Dean (1969-1978)
Dr Zaw Tun Dean (1978-1984)
Daw Tin Tin Myint Dean (1984-1986)
U Lay Myint Associate Professor (1989-1991)
Professor (1991-1994)
Dr. Daw Khin Thein Professor/Head 1994-2005
Daw Kyin Hlaing Professor/Head (2005)
Dr. Daw Nwe Nwe Yi Professor/Head Now at present since 2005

The location of this department is the left side of Arts Hall and near the Convocation Hall. There are Bachelor of Arts, Honors and Master of Arts classes every year in this department. There has been PhD class since 2000. Diploma class has been opened from 2003. First Year Oriental Studies Outstanding class (Arts) has also been opened since 2013.

Today, the students are working hard to fulfil the country’s need to become citizen of a prosperous democratic country.

Mission and vision

Has Buddhism something to teach the modern youth? For Buddhism is a timeless, universal Teaching which everybody should learn the practical ways and practice them accordingly. Old and young can take its sublime principles and guidance as their own goals of life. Given proper instruction, even the young and ignorant can practice the simple methods of reforming the mind and behavior. Thus in the Buddha Dhamma there are no discriminations or barriers in the matter of caste, class, colour or age. No one must be persecuted for creedal differences. All are treated as equal in the pursuit of knowledge, liberty, peace and happiness. Indeed Buddhism is a universal way of life which is founded on compassion and wisdom. Therefore it is not a dogmatic religion. The study of “Oriental Studies” covers all these facts.


  • 2 Professors
  • 2 Lecturer
  • 2 Assistant Lecturer

CURRICULUM (By Year ,1st to PhD)

Undergraduate Course: B.A(Oriental Studies), B.A(Honours)(Oriental Studies)
Postgraduate Course: M.A(Oriental Studies), MRes(Oriental Studies), PhD (Oriental Studies).
Diploma Course: PDCS(Post Graduate Diploma in Oriental Studies).
Certificate Course: -


Dr. Nwe NweYi

Professor & Head
BA (Hons), MA, DTSM (Tourism), PhD (Oriental Studies)

Dr. Mu Mu Myint

BA, MA, M.Res, Ph.D (Oriental Studies)

Dr. Thi Thi San

BA, MA, PhD (Oriental Studies)

Dr. Nan Myint Moe

BA (Hons), MA, PhD (Oriental Studies)

Daw Naing Naing Maw

Assistant Lecturer
BA (Hons), MA (Oriental Studies)

Dr. Chaw Rupar

Assistant Lecturer
BA (Hons), MA, PhD (Oriental Studies)